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Step into our world of healing and growth, guided by Radhika Suresh’s remarkable journey.


About Avisa Wellness

Step into our world of healing and growth, guided by Radhika Suresh’s remarkable journey. At just 18, she embarked on a path fueled by her inner voice, practicing for 7 years with unwavering dedication.

Driven by an inner calling, Radhika found solace in tarot cards, leading her to explore Reiki and crystal healing. She became a master in various healing methods, specializing in Aura Cleansing and Psychic healing.


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What our clients say

I came to Radhika a couple months ago, I had so many questions in my mind. She gave me the clarity that I needed. I’ve come to trust her readings & her guidance a lot. She always gives crisp answers but at the same time really guides you through everything. She has a lot of patience & understanding, even if I ask the same question the 100th time she still tries to find the answers & help me. She’s a kind soul & somebody I have come to trust immensely.


I’ve been receiving answers to my questions through tarot with Radhika for a few months now and I did a new year spread with her Her energy is very calming and intuitive and she brings a level a authenticity to the space, the answers I have received have always been exactly the guidance I have needed in that point and have always resonated with me Will definitely recommend working with to get your questions answered accurately!


Radhika is my go to person whenever I feel I am stuck in life and need some divine guidance. She has a very soothing and healing vibe about her therefore I have always gravitated towards her, whether it's for Tarot readings, Akashic or healing sessions. Her connect with divine reflects in her readings, which for me have always been very helpful. A very beautiful human being both inside and outside. She has helped and held my hand when I was drowning and was at my lowest. She is honest and straight forward and tells you exactly what you need to know at that hour. I know I have found my anchor in her.

Shruti dhand

Radhika is a wonderful person and a pure soul. She is focused on the well being of people. She has helped me at the time when I was at my lowest. Her session helped me a lot. I felt calm and happy after that. Do visit Avisa for knowing your inner self. That’s what makes us calm and happy.


Radhika Suresh is an incredibly gifted tarot card reader whose insights have provided me with invaluable guidance and clarity. Her intuitive understanding of the cards combined with her compassionate demeanor created a safe and nurturing space for me to explore my concerns and questions. Each reading with Radhika has been a transformative experience, illuminating paths I hadn't considered and offering profound wisdom that resonated deeply with me. I highly recommend Radhika to anyone seeking clarity, direction, and spiritual guidance. Her talent and sincerity shine through in every session, making her a truly exceptional tarot card reader


I met Radhika when I was at my lowest. Her healing sessions were extremely helpful for me to let go of any past traumas, anxieties and negative experiences. The sessions helped me to rise up and heal myself completely. Her readings and sessions are very helpful to guide you through the constant hustle of life. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking to find themselves, connect with your inner-self and heal. Thank you Avisa and Radhika 😊


It's always a pleasure visiting Avisa. I have been there twice for the Chakra Meditation and the experience has been fantastic. Radhika is really good . There are a lot of services offered do call in & enquire


Radhika is someone who is committed to her craft and knows what she is doing. Her readings are spot on, she is honest and is always super practical in giving remedies to make one feel better. A super sweet human being with a mature head on her shoulders, she is someone that would make you instantly feel at home. Super strongly recommend this girl <3


Radhika has been an excellent guide in my life. I have been connected with her for over an year now. She is a great tarot reader and an healer.