Raw Pyrite


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“Considered one of the most effective crystal for dealing with financial aspects, Golden pyrite is highly sought after for overcoming financial blockages.

Resonating with Root & Solar Plexus chakra, this one crystal can help you heal many aspects of your life.

> It opens up new opportunities for you to grow and capitalize on your strengths.

> It works wonder if you are looking for attracting new clientage for your business.

> Pyrite can be effectively use to resolve blocked money issues.

> It is also an amazing protection crystal and can help you stay safe from negative vibes.

> This crystal can rejuvenate your energy and prompt you to be decisive and determined in life

> Pyrite is helpful for attaining mental and emotional balance and works wonder in keeping you strong and stable.

> This crystal can be equally effective for overall materialistic growth and works as money attracter.

> Golden pyrite can help you immensely to overcome fear and guilt and to be joyful and enthusiastic in life.”


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